Hello Everyone.

Prepare yourself to be acquainted with someone rather shocking. My views on things will be controversial to put it mildly, my sex drive will remain at an annoyingly constant tempo, and I will make you say the words,” What the Fuck?” at least once during your perusal of this blog.

Whether you wish to know my innermost thoughts or watch me have multiple orgasms on Skype or Yahoo, I promise you satisfaction in any and all ways I can possibly give it.

Each day I will attempt to write about a thought I cannot get out of my head. Whether it pertains to a philosophical belief or even something as minute as ” Why do all preservatives have such pretty names?”, you will be privy to my thoughts one way or the other.

If you wish to know my thoughts on a particular topic, please feel free to leave me a reply in the comments section.


Enter freely and enjoy the delights within.

Yours in Pleasure,

-Licentious Libertine (The one and only Sadeian Vixen)

One response to “About

  1. wilbur

    Your photo at the top of the page is very seductive, it makes me beg to see more of your body. i am not sure what it means to subscribe to a blog but i am going to attempt it right now. wilbur

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